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7 Things Babies Do in the Womb That’ll Blow Your Mind

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When you’re pregnant, you’re bound to wonder at various points over nine months: What is she doing in there? Is she bored? Is she loving that pint of superfudge chunk ice cream I just engulfed? Turns out babies are busy, busy, busy in the womb! Read More »

My doctor says I should wean

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Ask Anne: Question:  My baby girl weighed five pounds when she was born. Now she is fifteen months old and weighs only seventeen pounds. The doctor (who I have since dropped) told me she is not gaining enough weight and that I should give her formula. She is walking and stays very busy. She nurses in short spurts during the ... Read More »

22 Candid Photos That Show How Beautiful Breastfeeding Really Is

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  Leilani Rogers is a mother and photographer who has launched an initiative called the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project (PBAP). She  recruited over 50 photographers from all over the world to take pictures of mothers breastfeeding their children in public places like parks, grocery stores, and cafes. Read here to learn more about the Breastfeeding Awareness Project and see some of the ... Read More »

Milk comes out of baby’s nose

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Ask Anne… Question: Sometimes when she’s nursing, my three month old will cough and cry and I notice that breast milk comes out of her nose.  Is this just a reaction to  my milk letting down too quickly, or could it be a physiological problem  with the baby’s nose & throat? This is my fifth breastfed child and I  have never encountered ... Read More »

The Top 16 Breastfeeding Controversies

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Almost any discussion of how and when we feed our babies sets off a national debate. So to mark World Breastfeeding Week 2014 . here’s a look at 16 nursing controversies, from the fracas over an Angelina Jolie breastfeeding statue to the suckling husbands phenomenon, and of course, TIME’s 2012 cover about mothers who nurse their kids into late toddlerhood. Read More »

Ten Disgusting (But Funny) Things Only a Mom Would Do

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When you become a parent you do so many gross things you never imagined.  It’s bad enough that you have to wipe the poop off of someone’s butt for a solid two and a half years or so – but did you know you’d sometimes be wearing that poop? To find out why having a sense of humor is absolutely ... Read More »

Breastfeeding and Lovemaking

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Ask Anne… Question: I have a question about breastfeeding and lovemaking, and I am too embarrassed to ask any of my friends. I had my first child six months ago and I’m breast feeding her. My partner says he would like to suckle at my breast when we make love. This was always part of our lovemaking before our  baby ... Read More »