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Should I wake my six week old baby to nurse during the night?

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Ask Anne… Question: My baby is 6 weeks old. I’ve been setting an alarm for every  4 hours since the start of each feeding every night. Usually he wakes up before that to nurse, but occasionally he will still be asleep after 4 hours so I will wake him to eat. Is it best to continue waking him, or should I wait for ... Read More »

How I Learned the Hard Way What Not to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

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According to writer and mom of three Elizabeth Jacob : “My mistake was that I treated the trip to the hospital like a vacation. I packed as if I were going away for a week, but I didn’t need most of the items I brought.” Find out what you really do need to pack for your hospital stay… Read More »

July Newsletter

  Newsletter July 2014 I’m Anne Smith, IBCLC, mom of six, Mimi of three,  with over 25 years experience counseling nursing moms and babies.I can’t make motherhood easy (because it’s not), but I can help you with the breastfeeding part. You’re embarking on a lifelong adventure, one that’s worth every single sleepless night, every stretch mark, and every poopy diaper. ... Read More »

How To Breastfeed “Appropiately”

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So you’ve decided to breastfeed. Fantastic! Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to nourish your baby while establishing early bonding. Unfortunately, breast milk comes out of breasts so there are a few ground rules that we need to cover… Read More »

Small Breasts: Does Size Matter?

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When I was a teenager back in the late ’60s, I desperately wanted bigger breasts.  I remember being depressed when I read somewhere that your breasts didn’t grow anymore after you reached age sixteen, and at age seventeen, I barely filled out an A cup. I figured that was it, but little did I know that my small breasts would ... Read More »

If Men Could Breastfeed

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If men could breastfeed… There would be no such thing as a nursing cover because men would nurse in the wide open. Other men would come up to nursing men and give them fist bumps. Conversations like: “What are you lactating at these days?” “Man, I can pump up to eight ounces from one side!” Or “Hey man, you look ... Read More »

It’s Time to Stop Treating Pregnancy Like a Disease

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Pregnancy and birthing are part of a normal physiological process that should be celebrated. Bringing a child into the world should be beautiful and memorable, messy and magical. Why have we reduced it to a series of billable acts where moms-to-be are institutionalized and the process is unnecessarily medicalized? Mothers and their babies deserve better. Read More »