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Stunning Photos Celebrate Extended Breastfeeding

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Photographer Ivette Ivens is  breaking the stigma of extended breastfeeding by showing the beauty of it in stylish snaps of women breastfeeding in various settings to show that nursing happens anywhere at any time. Read More »

11 Baby Milestones the Books Don’t Mention

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Beyond sitting, crawling and walking, here are some other markers that really welcome you into the world of parenthood – like the first blow-up out the back! 11 Baby Milestones the Books Don’t Mention     Read More »

4D Ultrasound Shows Effects of Smoking on Unborn Babies

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New technology means we can now see what was previously hidden, revealing how smoking affects the development of the fetus in ways we did not realize. Researchers state that “This is yet further evidence of the negative effects of smoking in pregnancy.” Read More »

How to Win Any Breastfeeding Argument

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“When breastfeeding mothers and formula feeding mothers lock horns, each group must offer a disclaimer before they open their mouth. Woe betide any breastfeeding mother who openly admits to having preference, knowledge and even *gasp* pride in nursing her child.” The Alpha Parent offers a timely guide on how to handle ‘advice’ from those who make negative arguments against breastfeeding in the ... Read More »

How can I lose weight while I’m nursing?

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Ask Anne… Question:  I’ve  gained weight since my baby was born. I use to work out at the gym regularly, but can’t do this now because I stay at home.  I feel hungry and tired all the time. I don’t want to crash diet like I used to do. I am starting to feel depressed and take an “I don’t care ... Read More »

Do breastfeeding babies need to burp?

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Ask Anne… Question:  My baby is three days old, and my milk is really coming in. He is nursing well, and I know he’s getting enough milk because he has already gained two ounces and is having lots of wet and poopy diapers. The only problem I’m having is with burping. I try to burp him after every feeding, but ... Read More »

15 Baby Names That Could Disappear by 2016

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Looking for a unique baby name for your soon-to-be little one? You’re in luck! It has recently been revealed that there are 15 names that were only given to five babies each in 2013. At that rate, by this time next year, these names could be completely extinct in the U.S. Some of them may not come as a surprise (we don’t know ... Read More »

Feeding Solid Food Too Early Could Lead to Problems for Babies

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At least 40% of moms are feeding their infants solid foods far too early, according a new study published in the medical journal Pediatrics, and that may lead to health problems like obesity, diabetes, and allergies later in life. Read More »