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Baby Halloween Costumes That Are Even More Delicious Than Candy

FB Baby Lobster Halloween

If you’re a new parent this Halloween, here’s some good news: You simply cannot go wrong when picking a Halloween costume for your baby. Behold, 39 pieces of evidence that tiny humans will look insanely cute, whether they are dressed as pop culture icons, zoo animals or your favorite Disney characters.   Read More »

Breastfeeding Dads

BFB Black dad newborn

It’s a biological fact that men don’t have the anatomical equipment to give birth or breastfeed, but that doesn’t mean that fathers can’t play an important role in helping their partner give birth and successfully nurse their new baby. For most mothers, their partner’s opinion is the biggest influence on making the decision between breast or bottle feeding – more ... Read More »

30 Awesome Celebrity Breastfeeding Moments

BFB Vintage Pink Photo

Pink,  Beyonce, and Gwen Stefani are some of the many Hollywood moms who share their thoughts and photographs in this collection of “breastfeeding moments.”                               Read More »

Nursing In Public

BFB Sit in toilet done nursing photo

In the United States, breasts are considered sexual objects, and while it is just fine to expose them falling out at the pool in a bikini, or  in advertisements for just about any product you can think of, many people feel that there is something disgusting about that same breast when it has a baby attached to it. The previous ... Read More »

Trying to Relactate

Infant Grasping Mother's Finger

Ask Anne… Question: I am currently trying to relactate. I work full time Monday thru Friday from 8-5, and my job doesn’t allow me much time to pump. I hand express whenever I can, and then I try to latch her on as soon as I get home. The problem is that she gets really mad when not much milk ... Read More »

Medicine safe while breastfeeding?

BFB Woman Sneezing II

Ask Anne… Question: I’m nursing my three month old baby, and I’m having a hard time getting over a head cold. I’ve been using a Neti pot a few times a day and taking extra vitamin C. Now I’m developing a cough. Is there any medicine that’s safe to take while breastfeeding? Answer:  Most medications are safe for breastfeeding mothers. In  nearly all cases, the ... Read More »

15 Cool Facts About Breastfeeding

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Did you know that breast milk changes its nutritional profile as your baby grows? Milk made for a 3 month old is different than for a 9 month old or a preemie.  Milk can even change day to day - water content may increase during times of hot weather and baby illness to provide extra hydration. Read here to find out ... Read More »

Lump in Breast

BFB Nursing Toddler II

Ask Anne… Question: I‘m breastfeeding my two year old daughter and don’t plan to stop until she’s ready to wean. We both still enjoy nursing, and she is allergic to cow’s milk, which is another reason I want to continue breastfeeding.  I’ve had a small, painless lump in my right breast for two months. During my yearly physical today, I asked ... Read More »