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25 Terrible Things You Should Know About Life With A Toddler

FB poster toddler at dawn we ride

You can’t just ‘control’ a toddler. They’re not a lamp you can move into the corner and turn on and off. They’re tiny human beings with orangutan strength. Toddlers do this trick where they either let all the tension go out of their bodies or they instead flail about like an unmanned fire-hose. Imagine trying to wrestle an angry octopus, ... Read More »

5 Toddler Breastfeeding Myths That Drive Me Insane!

BFB Nursing Toddler IV

Despite the fact that the WHO (World Health Organization), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and just about any doctor worth their salt recommends nursing til age two and beyond, many people find it strange when a mom is breastfeeding a toddler. In an effort to lessen the weirdness of it for some people, I took a look at some ... Read More »

Savoring the End of Breastfeeding as Infancy Slips Away

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Christina Valhouli shares her story of how she felt when her baby weaned: “  As I cuddled my baby in the dark, hot, salty tears began streaming down my cheeks. The last breast feed will always be bittersweet. But that tearful night served as an important reminder for me that his babyhood was slipping away too fast, and I needed to slow ... Read More »

Hilarious Pictures That Show Why Having Kids Sucks

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Don’t ever let anyone tell you raising kids is easy, because it’s not…but it can be hilarious. Check out these pictures that show the lighter side of parenting – because being a parent without a sense of humor is like being an accountant who sucks at math. (And we can only hope that the marker she used was the washable ... Read More »

Is Your Toddler A Twiddler?

Mom nursing Evan

Newborn babies often flail around when they are first getting the hang of breastfeeding. It seems like you need an extra hand just to keep their tiny hands and fingers out of the way. They’ll try to suck on the nipple and shove  their hand in their mouths at the same time. Once the milk lets down and they settle ... Read More »

Preemies Can Hear You

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Something as simple as having parents speak to their little ones, even when they are tiny preemies in the NICU, can minimize language delays in these vulnerable babies as they grow up and begin to talk.  “For every increase in 100 words that adults spoke to the preterm infants, the scientists found a two-point increase in their language scores at ... Read More »

Dad Turns Videos Of His Toddler Into Insanely Cool Action Movies

FB Baby and dog superheroes

James isn’t your ordinary 3-year-old. He’s a light saber-wielding, lava-jumping, LEGO- blastin’ superhero. His dad, Daniel Hashimoto, is a Dreamworks animator who who uses his professional skills to enhance home videos of James. When your dad puts the magic in movies for a living, clearly, anything is possible. Check out these videos of pure cinematic (and toddler) awesomeness.   Read More »