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Tips and Traditions for Baby’s First Christmas

BFB Asian Xmas baby II

From starting family traditions to capturing cute moments, here are some  tips and tricks for creating traditions, taking photos, keeping travel stress-free and more. Read More »

These Are 12 Unborn Animals Still Inside Their Mother’s Womb. My Favorite Is The Dolphin.


These incredible pictures of unborn baby animals in the womb are simply fascinating to look at. Don’t get TOO creeped out though, because these pictures aren’t entirely real. Using a combination of dimensional ultrasound scans, miniature cameras, and some computer graphics/photoshop skills, Peter Chinn was able to create an astonishing collection of embryonic images of unborn animals. Although they aren’t ... Read More »

Can men breastfeed?

BFB hairy man BF 2014

Ask Anne… Question: I’m expecting our first child next month, and my partner and I are thrilled. However, I’m concerned because I  have to go back to work full time (including some overnight travel time) when she is six weeks old. My partner is self employed, and  wants to be involved in every step of the birth/bonding process, so he plans to be ... Read More »

Ridiculous Stock Photos of Motherhood

BFB News Stock Photos

Stock photos are full of pictures of blissful families, dressed all in white, relaxing on their spotlessly clean white sofas with their perfect, well-behaved children. Put off by these absurdly un-relatable images, a mom in Ohio named Sara Given decided to poke some fun at the abundance of ridiculous stock photos. Last week, she launched the hilarious Tumblr It’s Like ... Read More »

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Having a Baby

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There’s a lot going on after you give birth, except for sleeping, of course. Even though you have plenty of new responsibilities, there are some things it’s absolutely unnecessary for you to make time for after you have a baby. Take note – because motherhood requires a sense of humor! Read More »

October Newsletter

  Newsletter October 2014 As an IBCLC with over 25 years experience counseling nursing moms and babies, I can’t make motherhood easy (because it’s not), but I can help you with the breastfeeding part. You’re embarking on a lifelong adventure, one that’s worth every single sleepless night, every stretch mark, and every poopy diaper. From the first time you see ... Read More »

50 Most Awkward Pregnancy Portraits Ever

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Some of these are funny, and some are just creepy. All of them make you wonder: “WTH were they thinking?”   Read More »