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Are babies sensitive to what mom is eating?


Ask Anne… Question: How common is it for babies to be sensitive to what a nursing mom is eating? Also, what is the usual time frame for a baby to get gassy after mom has eaten something “wrong?” Answer: Substances from the foods you eat can appear in your milk anywhere from 1-24 hours after ingestion, with the average being …

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Can I save my frozen breast milk during a power outage?


Ask Anne… October 6, 2016: I’m sitting here in NC watching the news, and it’s all about Hurricane Matthew. I have kids and grandkids who live on the NC coast, but at this point, it looks as though that area won’t be hit nearly as hard as other parts of the South East. I’ll be watching it closely, but I can …

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Will eating lactation cookies increase my milk supply?

Homemade Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Ready to Eat

Ask Anne… Question: I’m worried that I’m not producing enough breast milk. My friend told me that ‘lactation cookies’ would help. Will eating oatmeal cookies really increase  milk  supply? Answer: In a word, no.  Although you can Google “lactation cookies” and find tons of recipes, there isn’t any evidence based research that they do anything at all to increase your …

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My baby uses me as a ‘human pacifier’

baby looking at the mother's breast

Ask Anne… My baby is now just over five months old, and I seem to have reached a bit of a ‘mental hurdle’ where breastfeeding is concerned. She refuses to take bottles, so  it’s been complete hell if I leave her with a sitter – she screams the whole time. Fortunately, now  she will at least take some milk from a …

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Breastfeeding and nipple shields


Ask Anne… Question: I  have larger than average nipples and my baby girl is tiny. She is just now approaching five  pounds. When she was in the NICU they started her on bottles of formula and now she is very confused when I try to offer her my breast. Any advice would be appreciated. I feel like a slave to …

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Why did I start my period? I’m still breastfeeding!


Ask Anne… Question: Why did I start my period? I’m still breastfeeding! I am currently nursing my third child. She is seven months old and still nurses 4~6 times a day. The problem? I started my period today! Yuck! With both of my other babies it took MONTHS after they weaned to get my period back. So what is going …

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Help – I’m losing my milk!


Ask Anne… Question: I’m exclusively my 4 month old baby girl, and haven’t had any problems up til now. She is gaining weight well – she weighed 5 lbs 12 ounces when she was born, and now at 4 months she weighs 14 lbs. I’m returning to work when she’s 6 months old, and 2 weeks ago I started double …

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Natural remedies for yeast infections while breastfeeding

BFB herbal remedies II 2016

Ask Anne… Question: My baby is three months old and is exclusively breastfed. Recently, I developed mastitis, and my doctor prescribed an antibiotic. Every time I’ve taken an antibiotic in the past, I’ve developed a vaginal yeast infection. I’d like to keep that from happening again, especially since I’ve read that I might get yeast on my nipples and my baby might get …

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