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Help – I’m losing my milk!

BFB Babby scared 2014

Ask Anne… Question: I’m exclusively my 4 month old baby girl, and haven’t had any problems up til now. She is gaining weight well – she weighed 5 lbs 12 ounces when she was born, and now at 4 months she weighs 14 lbs. I’m returning to work when she’s 6 months old, and 2 weeks ago I started double pumping …

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I have no interest in sex since my baby was born – will weaning help?

Free SP Couple baby shoes

Ask Anne Question: I have a two year old son and a seven month old baby girl who is still breastfeeding. She started solids last month, but still nurses a lot day and night. Here’s my problem: I have practically no sex drive anymore, and it’s causing problems in my marriage. I love my husband, but we keep getting in …

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What are the benefits of breastfeeding more than a year?

mother breastfeeding her one year old baby

Ask Anne… I currently have a wonderful nursing relationship with my seven-month old son. People are starting to ask me how long I plan to breastfeed. To be honest, I don’t know how long I plan to nurse. My question is, what are the benefits of breastfeeding more than a year? I understand the benefits of nursing your baby until …

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Will eating lactation cookies increase my milk supply?

Homemade Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Ready to Eat

Ask Anne… Question: I’m worried that I’m not producing enough breast milk. My friend told me that ‘lactation cookies’ would help. Will eating oatmeal cookies really increase  milk  supply? Answer: In a word, no.  Although you can Google “lactation cookies” and find tons of recipes, there isn’t any evidence based research that they do anything at all to increase your …

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Why did I start my period? I’m still breastfeeding!


Ask Anne… Question: Why did I start my period? I’m still breastfeeding! I am currently nursing my third child. She is seven months old and still nurses 4~6 times a day. The problem? I started my period today! Yuck! With both of my other babies it took MONTHS after they weaned to get my period back. So what is going …

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Do breastfed babies need extra water?

Ask Anne… Question: I successfully nursed my first baby. I am now expecting my second child and plan on breastfeeding her as well.  I was told by a pediatric nurse that breast fed babies need water – about a cup a day. Is this true? I never gave my son water. Answer: It sounds like your nurse needs a refresher course …

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Is it safe for nursing moms to scoop cat litter?

BFB Baby BF with cat sleeping

Ask Anne… Question: I know that during pregnancy I was not supposed to scoop cat litter. How about while breastfeeding?  Is it dangerous? Should I get rid of my cat? Answer: The concern about cleaning out litter boxes is the transmission of a nasty parasite called ‘toxoplasma gondii’. You don’t need to get rid of your family pet, but you do need …

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How Often Should My Newborn Nurse?


Ask Anne… Question: My baby boy just turned 2 weeks old, and breastfeeding is going well. He seems very healthy and contented. Here’s why I’m worried: I read that newborns should nurse at least 8 times a day, or they will become dehydrated.  My little bub nurses on demand, about every 2-4 hours. However, he sometimes sleeps a 6 hour stretch …

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