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Tongue and Lip Ties

When we hear the term “tongue-tie”, most of us have a mental image of someone who is struggling to speak in public, but who is stammering nervously and is at a loss for words. In reality, tongue-tie is a medical condition that affects many people, and has special implications for the breastfed baby. Tongue-tie is congenital (present at birth) and …

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My Body is Not Broken

Badass Taylor breastfeeding her baby.

Guest Post By Badass Taylor My son was born six weeks early, which came as a surprise when my water broke at 34 weeks. He spent 21 days in the NICU. I was an exclusive pumper who was only getting about 10 ml every two hours while my son was eating 80ml every two hours. The charge nurse explained to …

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I can’t do this anymore! How do I switch from breast milk to formula?

Ask Anne… Question: My baby is a month old and my nipples are  so sore that I want to stop nursing and switch from breast milk to formula.  How do I keep myself from becoming engorged or getting mastitis when I wean? Answer: Before beginning the weaning process, I would really want to find out why you’re still having problems with …

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Our Nursing Journey by guest blogger Katie Can

My nursing journey. It was arduous, to say the least. I had a traumatic emergency cesarean, and Cain lost a lot of weight afterwards. The LC’s all said his latch was fine, but my milk didn’t come in for five days, and he wasn’t transferring. I found out (after learning what it even was) that he has a tongue tie. …

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