Small Breasts: Does Size Matter?

BFB Small breast measure

When I was a teenager back in the late ’60s, I desperately wanted bigger breasts.  I remember being depressed when I read somewhere that your breasts didn’t grow anymore after you reached age sixteen, and at age seventeen, I barely filled out an A cup. I figured that was it, but little did I know that my small breasts would ... Read More »

Is Your Toddler A Twiddler?

Mom nursing Evan

Newborn babies often flail around when they are first getting the hang of breastfeeding. It seems like you need an extra hand just to keep their tiny hands and fingers out of the way. They’ll try to suck on the nipple and shove  their hand in their mouths at the same time. Once the milk lets down and they settle ... Read More »

Calming Fussy Baby: Is It Colic?

Baby screaming in crib_PP

One of the hardest things for new moms to deal with is a cranky, inconsolable baby. There will be times when you have done all the ‘right’ things: feeding, burping, changing her diaper, making sure she’s not too hot or too cold… And she still isn’t happy. This will happen more than once. It happens more when your baby is ... Read More »

Breastfeeding And Postpartum Depression

BFB Depression

Many mothers suffer from postpartum depression (PPD) after they give birth. It most often occurs during the early weeks or months, but it can show up anytime during the first year. First time moms are more likely to experience PPD. No one knows exactly what causes it, or why some women get depressed and other don’t. We do know that ... Read More »


Baby smiling looking up _PB

Webster’s Dictionary defines weaning as “accustoming a young mammal to take food otherwise than by nursing.” Although this event may be very cut and dried in the animal world, for humans the process of weaning is much more complicated, but only because we make it that way. Weaning your baby is part of the natural breastfeeding experience. It doesn’t have ... Read More »

Jaundice In The Breastfed Baby


The diagnosis of jaundice in their newborn baby is often very frightening to new parents. They immediately begin to think that something is very wrong with their infant, and may not be fully informed about the facts, which are actually very reassuring. Because jaundice is such a common condition, some medical professionals don’t take the time to explain all the ... Read More »



Breast fullness is a normal part of lactation which nearly all women experience when their milk ‘comes in’ 2 – 5 days after birth. This feeling of fullness, which may be accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, tenderness, and warmth, is caused by swelling of the breast tissue as blood, lymphatic fluid, and milk collect in the ducts as the ... Read More »

Pumping and Storing Breast Milk

pumping and storing breastmilk

There are many situations in which a mother may need to pump milk from her breasts. Some are short term – for example, occasional separations; mother on medication incompatible with breastfeeding;  breast engorgement; severe nipple soreness; or increasing milk supply. Some are long term:  a premature hospitalized infant, or regular separations such as those encountered with returning to work or ... Read More »