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5 Tips For Keeping Your Cool When Things Heat Up

Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder's son

Jack, my 4-year-old, can seriously push my buttons. Sometimes I think this is his sole purpose in life. I have really struggled to stay calm lately. Losing my temper always fuels a negative situation. I have often felt reading gentle parenting books and posts that we need to be robots with no feelings or responses. I do agree that our …

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Fear as a New Mom

I have not struggled with Postpartum Depression, but I had a difficult first week home with Jack. I have a long history of anxiety and it was something we were all watching for as I hobbled to my feet as a new Mom. The first night was scary. Jack cried a lot (although at that time one peep out of …

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On My Death Bed

When the going gets rough at being a Mom I try to put things into perspective. I do this by imagining myself on my death bed. I imagine looking back at my life and the things that I might regret. If I imagine that I will regret it then this indicates to me that it is not a good decision. …

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Breasts: The Dynamic Duo

Breastfeeding is a topic in America where there isn’t a lot of gray area. People have such strong opinions about breastfeeding that it clearly strikes a personal cord with each and every one of us. This is directly tied into the fact that you need your breasts to breastfeed. In America the female body is taboo. Breasts are thought of …

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Question Everything Except Your Instincts

I remember being so excited to finally go to work and tell everyone “I’m pregnant!” We had been trying for a few months and so when it happened it was hard to keep quiet. We wanted to wait until we had heard the heartbeat. This took about 4 months. The day we finally heard it and could come out to …

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