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The Emotional Side of Low Milk Supply

On day 2 of Jack’s life the nurse came to assist me with our breastfeeding session as she and others had since his birth the day before. This nurse said “I don’t think he is getting anything.” A pang of anxiety shot through my chest. I’m not nourishing my own baby? How can my body do this to him? It …

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My One Night Stand with a NIP Slip

I didn’t know I was The Badass Breastfeeder when Jack was born. I knew I wanted to breastfeed, but I had no idea that was unusual. I didn’t know some people found it offensive. I didn’t know it tugged at the heartstrings of mothers who weren’t able to breastfeed or didn’t have the support to reach their breastfeeding goals. I …

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On My Death Bed

When the going gets rough at being a Mom I try to put things into perspective. I do this by imagining myself on my death bed. I imagine looking back at my life and the things that I might regret. If I imagine that I will regret it then this indicates to me that it is not a good decision. …

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