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My doctor says I should wean

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Ask Anne: Question:  My baby girl weighed five pounds when she was born. Now she is fifteen months old and weighs only seventeen pounds. The doctor (who I have since dropped) told me she is not gaining enough weight and that I should give her formula. She is walking and stays very busy. She nurses in short spurts during the ... Read More »

Milk comes out of baby’s nose

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Ask Anne… Question: Sometimes when she’s nursing, my three month old will cough and cry and I notice that breast milk comes out of her nose.  Is this just a reaction to  my milk letting down too quickly, or could it be a physiological problem  with the baby’s nose & throat? This is my fifth breastfed child and I  have never encountered ... Read More »

Breastfeeding and Lovemaking

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Ask Anne… Question: I have a question about breastfeeding and lovemaking, and I am too embarrassed to ask any of my friends. I had my first child six months ago and I’m breast feeding her. My partner says he would like to suckle at my breast when we make love. This was always part of our lovemaking before our  baby ... Read More »

Should I wake my six week old baby to nurse during the night?

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Ask Anne… Question: My baby is 6 weeks old. I’ve been setting an alarm for every  4 hours since the start of each feeding every night. Usually he wakes up before that to nurse, but occasionally he will still be asleep after 4 hours so I will wake him to eat. Is it best to continue waking him, or should I wait for ... Read More »

My toddler’s teeth scrape my nipples when she nurses

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Ask Anne… Question: My daughter is 12 months old and still breastfeeding several times a day.  For the past 2 months, my nipples have been very sore. She doesn’t bite me, but I have sores on the bottom of my nipples, and they crack and bleed when she nurses. I’ve tried changing positions and applying lanolin, but nothing helps. I ... Read More »

Will nursing my toddler keep me from getting pregnant again?

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Ask Anne… Question: I am currently breastfeeding my one year old baby three times a day. In the last few months I have had two very light periods, spaced seven weeks apart. I’m trying to get pregnant, and I’m wondering if this means I am as fertile as I was before breastfeeding, or if I’m only partially fertile since my ... Read More »