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Will eating lactation cookies increase my milk supply?

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Ask Anne… Question: I’m worried that I’m not producing enough breast milk. My friend told me that ‘lactation cookies’ would help. Will eating oatmeal cookies really increase  milk  supply? Answer: In a word, no.  Although you can Google “lactation cookies” and find tons of recipes, there isn’t any evidence based research that they do anything at all to increase your ... Read More »

How do I switch from breast milk to formula?

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Ask Anne… Question: My baby is a month old and my nipples are  so sore that I want to stop nursing and switch from breast milk to formula.  How do I keep myself from becoming engorged or getting mastitis when I wean? Answer: Before beginning the weaning process, I would really want to find out why you’re still having problems with ... Read More »

Can I save my frozen breast milk during a power outage?

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Ask Anne… Question: Help! We had a big storm here and the power went off. I’m afraid that I might lose my freezer stash of breast milk. I’m going back to work next week, and it took me  months of pumping to store up all that milk. Is there anything I can do save my frozen breast milk during a ... Read More »

How long should I wait before introducing a pacifier?

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Ask Anne… Question: I nursed my first child for a year and plan on breastfeeding my new little bundle of joy. However, I can’t remember when I first gave him a pacifier, so that it would not interfere with breastfeeding and cause “nipple confusion.” How long should I wait before introducing a pacifier? Answer: Many babies switch forth effortlessly between ... Read More »

When will my breasts start leaking colostrum?

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Ask Anne… Question: This is my third pregnancy. Even though all have been drastically different from each other, I am quite sure that with the past two I started “leaking” breast liquid by now. I’m approximately 23 weeks along. Is there a set time for this to happen, or is it different for every pregnancy? Answer: There is no set ... Read More »

Are babies sensitive to what mom is eating?

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Ask Anne… Question: How common is it for babies to be sensitive to what a nursing mom is eating? Also, what is the usual time frame for a baby to get gassy after mom has eaten something “wrong?” Answer: Substances from the foods you eat can appear in your milk anywhere from 1-24 hours after ingestion, with the average being ... Read More »

Will Fenugreek increase my milk supply?

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Ask Anne… Question: My baby is 3 months  old and I have just returned to work. I’m afraid I’m losing my milk because she isn’t gaining weight well. Will Fenugreek increase my milk supply?  Is it really safe to use while I’m nursing? If so, how much do I need to take?  Answer: Fenugreek is a herb that has been ... Read More »