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Should I wake my six week old baby to nurse during the night?

BFB Mother setting alarm clock

Ask Anne… Question: My baby is 6 weeks old. I’ve been setting an alarm for every  4 hours since the start of each feeding every night. Usually he wakes up before that to nurse, but occasionally he will still be asleep after 4 hours so I will wake him to eat. Is it best to continue waking him, or should I wait for ... Read More »

My toddler’s teeth scrape my nipples when she nurses

Baby pulling off the breast Netherlands-1

Ask Anne… Question: My daughter is 12 months old and still breastfeeding several times a day.  For the past 2 months, my nipples have been very sore. She doesn’t bite me, but I have sores on the bottom of my nipples, and they crack and bleed when she nurses. I’ve tried changing positions and applying lanolin, but nothing helps. I ... Read More »

Will nursing my toddler keep me from getting pregnant again?

BFB pregnant belly

Ask Anne… Question: I am currently breastfeeding my one year old baby three times a day. In the last few months I have had two very light periods, spaced seven weeks apart. I’m trying to get pregnant, and I’m wondering if this means I am as fertile as I was before breastfeeding, or if I’m only partially fertile since my ... Read More »

Will breastfeeding affect the results of a pregnancy test?

Positive Pregnancy Test

Ask Anne… Question: I’m nursing my one year old, and I haven’t had a period yet, but I’m having signs of pregnancy – breast tenderness, nausea in the morning,  light spotting – and I feel unusually tired all the time. I hadn’t planned to have another baby so soon, but hubby and I will be thrilled either way. I really ... Read More »

Can stress decrease my breast milk supply?

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Ask Anne… Question: I have been under a lot of stress lately and no mater what I do, I’m still depressed. I am afraid that my milk will dry up before I am ready to stop breastfeeding my daughter.  I’m looking for ways to maintain my milk supply, and I was wondering if Fenugreek would help.  My daughter is only 24 days old and ... Read More »

Should I delay clamping my baby’s umblilical cord?

BFB Umbilical Cord

Ask Anne… Question: My first baby is due in a few weeks, and I’m working on my birth plan. I know the basics of what I want to do to get breastfeeding off to a good start- like nursing immediately after birth, delaying the baby’s bath and rubbing in the vernix, frequent feedings, etc. – but I have a question ... Read More »