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How Can I Tell if my Baby is Getting Enough Milk?

Women have two breasts instead of one so that they can nurse twins, so it stands to reason that the average mother with two breasts will be able to produce enough milk for one baby (at least). Since breast milk intake can’t be measured without using  scientific equipment or expressing it and putting it in bottles, it’s important to know …

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Waking A Sleepy Baby

Mothers are often told to wake their newborn for feedings every two hours, and there is a very good reason for this. Newborns are notorious for sleeping through feedings, and it is easy to assume that a sleepy baby is a full, satisfied baby. This is not always the case with newborns (I define newborns as babies two weeks old …

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Jaundice In The Breastfed Baby

Because jaundice is such a common condition, some medical professionals don’t take the time to explain all the details, because they deal with jaundiced babies every day. However, when the baby in question is your own precious newborn, you need to get as much information as possible to put your mind at ease. Nearly all infants are jaundiced to some …

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What the heck is “vernix”?

Ask Anne… Question: When my baby was born at 38 weeks, I wanted to breastfeed her immediately after birth. I had written into my birth plan that I didn’t want her to be taken away to be washed before I held her, but when she was laid on my chest after birth, she was covered with this weird creamy stuff …

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How can I get my newborn to latch on and nurse?

Badass Amber breastfeeding her baby

Ask Anne… Question: My 4 day old refuses to latch on and nurse. When she was born she was jaundiced and very sleepy. She slept for 7 hours her first night home.  Now she is more lively, but she cries and pulls off my breast and won’t latch on at all. While waiting for my milk to come in, we …

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