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Will nursing my toddler keep me from getting pregnant again?

Ask Anne… Question: I am currently breastfeeding my one year old baby three times a day. In the last few months I have had two very light periods, spaced seven weeks apart. I’m trying to get pregnant, and I’m wondering if this means I am as fertile as I was before breastfeeding, or if I’m only partially fertile since my …

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Nursing Nook

Ask Anne… Question: I have a two week old baby who nurses around the clock. We co-sleep, and I don’t have any problem with that, but I feel really tied down during the day. He nurses for 45 minutes at a feeding,  and it’s hard to get anything done. I had a c-section, and I know I need to move …

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Breastfeeding and Birth Control Pills

Ask Anne… Question: I have been taking Micronor while breastfeeding my 12 month old. I know that this method has been known to suppress having one’s period, but for how long? I am only nursing 2-3 times a day at this point. Also, since she is nursing less frequently do I need a “stronger” birth control pill? Answer: You don’t need …

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