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Zika and Breastfeeding

If you’re pregnant and haven’t been living in a cave for the past year, you’ve probably heard about Zika. Chances are you’ve been concerned (okay, more like worried sick) about it. Almost all the news about Zika is bad, but there are a few  (sort of positive) things to keep in mind: not all mosquitoes carry the virus (only females …

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Is it safe for nursing moms to scoop cat litter?

Ask Anne… Question: I know that during pregnancy I was not supposed to scoop cat litter. How about while breastfeeding?  Is it dangerous? Should I get rid of my cat? Answer: The concern about cleaning out litter boxes is the transmission of a nasty parasite called ‘toxoplasma gondii’. You don’t need to get rid of your family pet, but you do need …

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Leaking Breast Milk Months After Weaning

Ask Anne… Question: I stopped nursing my baby six months ago, but my breasts are still leaking milk. Is this  normal? Answer: Many moms find that their breasts continue to leak long after they wean. They may be able to express drops of fluid for months or even years after their baby weans, especially during a shower. The fluid that leaks …

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