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Oversupply: Too Much Breast Milk

Breastmilk oversupply

Although concern about not having enough breast milk is the number one reason that mothers wean their babies early, having too much milk can also be a problem. When you consider the fact that a small percentage of women don’t have the capacity to produce enough milk for their babies no matter what they do, then having too much milk is …

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Nursing Tips for the Large Breasted Woman

Over the past thirty-five years of experience working with nursing mothers whose breasts came in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes, I have discovered that breastfeeding can present special challenges for the large breasted woman. Breast milk production is a function of the glandular tissue inside the breast as well as the baby’s appetite and suckling ability. The fatty …

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My baby only wants to nurse on one breast

Ask Anne… Question: I have a one month old baby who only wants to nurse on one breast – is that normal? Also, about once a day, she spits up after she nurses.  Please let me know what to do. Answer:  Is this something that just started recently, or has she had a preference for the right side from the …

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Why does my nipple turn white after nursing my baby?

Ask Anne… Question: I’m nursing my 3 month old and haven’t had any nipple soreness since the first few days after she was born. However, for the past week  my right nipple has been very sore. At the end of every feeding, the tissue at the center of my nipple is white. There isn’t any pus or discharge, but it is very painful.  …

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Milk comes out of baby’s nose

Ask Anne… Question: Sometimes when she’s nursing, my three month old will cough and cry and I notice that breast milk comes out of her nose.  Is this just a reaction to  my milk letting down too quickly, or could it be a physiological problem  w th the baby’s nose & throat? This is my fifth breastfed child and I  have …

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