Breasts are sagging after weaning

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Question: I breastfed my little boy for 18 months. I weaned two months ago ago, and now my  breasts are sagging. They feel smaller, and are soft and droopy. Will the firmness return, and how long will it take?

Answer:  Pregnancy is what changes the shape of your breasts, and these changes occur  whether you nurse or not.

Just look at the breasts of a woman who has had several formula fed children –  sagging, stretchmarks, etc. The skin stretches as the glandular tissue develops before your baby is born, and after you stop nursing (or even if you never breastfeed and the milk just dries up) then the breasts will have a tendency to sag.

Aging also changes the shape of your breasts. Even women who never had  children at all will experience some sagging. Everything sags as you get older and your tissue gets less elastic.

Your breasts will never look quite like they did before you had a baby, but this isn’t due to breastfeeding.

Anne Smith, IBCLC
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Anne Smith, IBCLC
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