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Is Your Toddler A Twiddler?

Newborn babies often flail around when they are first getting the hang of breastfeeding. It seems like you need an extra hand just to keep their tiny hands and fingers out of the way. They’ll try to suck on the nipple and shove  their hand in their mouths at the same time. Once the milk lets down and they settle …

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Breastfeeding Blunders

Breastfeeding is beautiful and beneficial and best for baby and a whole host of other “B”s, I’m sure. But it can also be very embarrassing. I don’t mean that it’s shameful, or that you should have to feel awkward if you’re doing it in public. I mean that, when you’re dealing with a hungry, determined baby or toddler with no …

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My Nursing Aversion Episode

I have always heard about this thing called Nursing Aversion. Since becoming pregnant people have asked me how I deal with it. I usually just say “I suck it up and move on.” What I didn’t know at the time was that I wasn’t really experiencing Nursing Aversion! The other night, March 6, 2014 starting at approximately 10:30pm, yes, I …

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