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Can I take fertility drugs while I’m nursing?

Ask Anne… Question: I’m 36 years old and my daughter just turned one. We have breastfed for 12.5 months and are still going strong! I’ve truly enjoyed nursing and know there are many benefits to breastfeeding more than a year. Unfortunately, I am afraid I may have to wean her in order to get pregnant again sooner than later. My …

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Will nursing my toddler keep me from getting pregnant again?

Ask Anne… Question: I am currently breastfeeding my one year old baby three times a day. In the last few months I have had two very light periods, spaced seven weeks apart. I’m trying to get pregnant, and I’m wondering if this means I am as fertile as I was before breastfeeding, or if I’m only partially fertile since my …

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Badass Breastfeeding and Pregnant

So, yeah, Jack is still breastfeeding. He is 29 months and I am entering my second trimester of pregnancy at 17 weeks. At first I noticed nothing. Then noticed the horrid awful pain, like a stinging pinching feeling when latching on. Sometimes even nausea while nursing. The pain comes and goes now. I’m going to stick it out because, well, …

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