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When a Nursing Mother Gets Sick

When you are sick, you and your baby will almost always benefit from continuing to breastfeed. There are very few illnesses that require a mother to stop nursing. Since most illnesses are caused by viruses that are most contagious before you even realize you are sick, your baby has already been exposed before you even develop symptoms (such as fever, …

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Do I have to ‘pump and dump’ my breast milk after surgery?

Ask Anne… Question: I’m exclusively nursing my 4 month old. I’m going to have a D&C next week. I’m wondering if I can still breast feed right after having anesthesia, or if I should use the milk in my freezer and pump and dump. I’m planning on pumping right before I go in, so she can still eat while she …

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Drugs and Breastfeeding

drugs and breastfeeding

As the number of nursing mothers continues to increase, so does the use of drugs, both legal and recreational. As a nursing mother, you should be aware that there are four things we know for sure about drugs and breast milk, in order of importance: Most drugs pass into human milk. Drugs must pass into your bloodstream before they can appear …

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