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Is it normal to get headaches while nursing?

Ask Anne… Question: is it normal to get headaches  while nursing? I didn’t have this problem when I was breastfeeding my daughter eight years ago. Answer: Headaches while nursing are an uncommon, but not abnormal occurrence. Headaches like migraines, which are caused by sensitivity to hormones, are usually less severe and occur less frequently during lactation. There are two basic types …

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Baby sleeping through the night and mom wakes up engorged

Ask Anne… Question: My five month old sleeps through the night- about a ten hour  stretch – and I wake up engorged every morning. This has been happening for quite a while. Will my milk ever adjust to this or could this be just normal for me? Answer: Most moms would love to have your problem! Having a whole ten hour sleep …

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Blood In Breast milk

Ask Anne… Question:  I  delivered my baby girl three days ago. My breast milk came in yesterday, and today I pumped for the first time because my breasts were so full. When I pumped, there was blood in the milk and it looked pink.  I don’t know what’s  wrong, and I’m afraid to feed the milk to my baby. Help! Answer: Although …

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Why are my breasts still engorged a week after I stopped nursing?

Sore Nipples

Ask Anne… Question:I stopped breastfeeding a week ago. My breasts are still swollen, extremely painful and rock-hard, after seven days. How long will this last? Answer: I don’t know any details about your weaning, but if you are still experiencing the symptoms you described after a week, then I have to assume that you stopped nursing rather abruptly rather than …

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Will I be able to nurse my baby with breast implants?

Ask Anne… Question: I am expecting my first  child. Is there any way of telling if I will be able to nurse my baby with breast implants – or is it a wait and see? Answer: Any woman who has had breast, chest, or cardiac surgery should check with her surgeon to see if any functional breast tissue was affected …

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Lactation Suppression

Once your milk supply is established, weaning abruptly causes certain physical changes. Your breasts will continue to produce milk for a while, and if some isn’t removed, you may become engorged, and possibly develop mastitis. You will also experience a sudden drop in prolaction levels, which may add to your feelings of depression. Here are some suggestions that may minimize your …

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