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Establishing Your Milk Supply: Starting Out Right

The art of breastfeeding in something that you learn by doing, and it gets easier with practice. In the old days, young women grew up seeing their family members and friends nurse. Breastfeeding was the norm, unlike today where we live in a bottle feeding culture. In today’s society, many women have never seen anyone nurse a baby. The idea …

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Should I wake my baby to nurse during the night?

Ask Anne… Question: My baby is 6 weeks old. I’ve been setting an alarm for every  4 hours since the start of each feeding every night. Usually he wakes up before that to nurse, but occasionally he will still be asleep after 4 hours so I will wake him to eat. Is it best to continue waking him, or should I wait for him …

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Nursing Nook

Ask Anne… Question: I have a two week old baby who nurses around the clock. We co-sleep, and I don’t have any problem with that, but I feel really tied down during the day. He nurses for 45 minutes at a feeding,  and it’s hard to get anything done. I had a c-section, and I know I need to move …

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