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Are e-cigarettes safe for breastfeeding moms?

 Ask Anne… Question: I started smoking when I was in high school, and smoked 10-15 cigarettes a day until I found out I was pregnant and I quit cold turkey. Now my baby is 6  months old and exclusively breastfed. Over the past few months, I have gradually started smoking again. My husband still smokes, and it’s hard not to have a hit …

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Is it safe to drink diet soda while I’m breasteeding?

Ask Anne… Question:  I am currently breastfeeding my one month old daughter. Everything is going wonderfully. My question is this: Is it safe to drink diet soda sweetened with Nutrasweet while nursing? My daughter’s pediatrician said it is fine but I find a lot of contradicting information on the internet. Your help would be appreciated. Answer: Drinking diet sodas sweetened …

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