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Baby Spitting Up: Is it Reflux?

Nearly all babies will spit up after some feedings, whether they are breastfed or bottle-fed. In a healthy baby who is gaining weight well and has good  urine output (6-8 wet cloth diapers or 5-6 disposable) and at least 3 bowel movements in 24 hours (in babies over 6 weeks old, stooling less often is normal), then spitting up is …

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Do breastfeeding babies need to burp?

Ask Anne…   Question:  My baby is three days old, and my milk is really coming in. He is nursing well, and I know he’s getting enough milk because he has already gained two ounces and is having lots of wet and poopy diapers. The only problem I’m having is with burping. I try to burp him after every feeding, …

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What do I do when my baby vomits after nursing?

Ask Anne… Question: I have a darling three and a half week old baby boy and we have a problem that has me stumped. At least once a day he vomits after nursing He will seem to be content and then get extremely fussy and agitated, and then he  vomits  – in great quantity, it looks like around 4 oz …

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