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Boobies Are For Babies

When a breastfeeder is told that they must cover so that other people don’t feel uncomfortable or so that no one makes rude comments or harasses them it suggests that they are responsible for what other people feel or do. It is the same line of thinking as telling a person that they asked to be raped because of the …

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The Fed Is Best Campaign: Language of Advertising vs Language of Information

In recent years, formula manufacturers have been aggressively marketing their products as the middle ground where all parents can  share, compromise and support each other.  Examples of this include Similac’s “Sisterhood of Motherhood” and the “I Support You” campaigns which boldly claim that their objective is to stand behind parents no matter what their feeding choices. Their premise is that …

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Boob Nazi? No.

Once again, I came across a biased breastfeeding bashing article that demonized lactation consultants, and I’m royally pissed. I’ll cut straight to the chase here:  There is a huge difference between a “Breastfeeding Nazi”, and a “Lactavist”. As an IBCLC, I’m insulted by being called the former, and proud to be called the latter. I am NOT a Boob Nazi. …

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