Rachelle Lesteshen

Rachelle Lesteshen is a breastfeeding advocate based in Columbus, Ohio.  She runs the facebook page and blog, Unlatched, where she provides evidence-based research on breastfeeding and formula use.  She exposes predatory infant formula company tactics and violations of the WHO Code.  Rachelle’s struggles with common “booby traps” cemented her passion for breastfeeding support.  The mother of two young girls, she is also a full time childcare provider.  In her “spare” time, she is studying to become a Breastfeeding USA breastfeeding counselor and plans to work towards becoming an IBCLC. Rachelle’s advocacy has been recognized with appearances on local TV news programs and she has been interviewed by NPR – National Public Radio.  Her other passions include cars, music, and science.  She can be contacted at http://www.facebook.com/unlatched.

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