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Mom Nursing in Public.jpgQuestion: My husband is concerned about my breastfeeding in public. What can I say to him to reassure him that it’s okay?

Answer: As far as your husband’s feelings about nursing in public: this is something that the two of you will have to work out between you. Some dads are uncomfortable with the idea of their wife exposing her breasts in front of strangers. If this is how your partner feels, you may want  to practice nursing in front of him (you can use a doll to practice before the baby comes) so that he can critique your ‘technique’. Most people who haven’t nursed a baby are surprised at how discreet breastfeeding moms can be if they want to.

If you wear a shirt that pulls up from the bottom (not one that unbuttons from the top), then the baby covers part of the breast and the shirt covers the rest. If you throw a blanket over your  shoulder people don’t even know you’re nursing unless they come up close and hear the little slurping sounds or pull the blanket off to get a better look!

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Anne Smith, IBCLC
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