The Laid Back Lactivist

Breastfeeding Mythbusters

Over the past forty years of working with nursing moms and babies (first as a La Leche League Leader, and then as an IBCLC),  I’ve seen a lot of changes come and go in the lactation world. There has been a lot of old school advice about breastfeeding that was not only incorrect, but also sounds more than a little crazy …

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Facebook’s War on Nipples

I originally posted this in 2012, but although Facebook has lightened up on its censorship policies since then, their censorship of breastfeeding photos still crops up way too often, so I’m sharing it again after a little editing to reflect how Facebook’s  policies have changed since I wrote this 3 year ago. This article explains Facebook’s new policy on breastfeeding photos …

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Boob Nazi? No.

Once again, I came across a biased breastfeeding bashing article that demonized lactation consultants, and I’m royally pissed. I’ll cut straight to the chase here:  There is a huge difference between a “Breastfeeding Nazi”, and a “Lactavist”. As an IBCLC, I’m insulted by being called the former, and proud to be called the latter. I am NOT a Boob Nazi. …

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