Newborns, I’m Over It!

So, I am sure I will be hugely unpopular when I say this out loud, but I am so over newborns. I know I have only had 2, but that’s really all I need. I don’t want another one. I am so over them!


I really do not understand what everyone is getting their ovaries in a bunch about. When I say newborn I am referring to a baby between birth and 3 months old. Could this BE anymore anxiety provoking? Seriously folks, am I the only one who finds this time to be just downright scary? What in hell is WRONG WITH THE BABY? Even a baby that is slightly older but still technically a baby has some meat to him, seems like he can withstand a tumble or a little fever. But a newborn!? U.G.H.

I have enjoyed both of my newborns, don’t get me wrong. But I can say without a doubt that those first 3 months brought out the fear in both my husband and me. They are so cute, especially, and sometimes only, if they are your own. Their fragility puts you right in your place as their protector; outside of medical complications, you are the only thing that stands between them and death. This is heavy duty stuff. I tend to shine in times of pressure, if I am not crumbling into tiny, whiny pieces.


We can fly to the moon or continue to strive to walk the surface of Mars, we can sit atop mountains hoping to reach enlightenment, but nothing will compare to holding your newborn baby. The intensity is not lost on me, I know how lucky I am to experience this, but those are months that, with 2 babies now, I have hoped would hurry up and end.

The fear that lives just below the surface of something happening to your child never goes away, but I think it does dissipate over time as they become older and bigger and stronger. But maybe it’s just that time that is needed for us to be able to push these feelings down below the surface.

Anyway, I am so over newborns and their tiny fragile selves!

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Abby Theuring
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    I’m wondering whether you grew up around small babies or not. Often, but not always, women who have been part of a relatively large family “absorb by osmosis” a lot of mothering and breastfeeding wisdom which quells many fears with a newborn. Obviously, this is not something you can control, but it might account to some degree for why you find those first 3 months stressful.

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    I agree as well but everyone I look at her when she’s sleeping or while she is breastfeeding I get over that feeling. With my son ego is now 5 as of yesterday, I keep thinking to myself he’s not going to want to cuddle with mommy anymore and I used to say when will you get to this stage and so on and so on. Because I wanted him to not be a baby anymore. Now I’m like why did I try to rush everything with him and want him to grow up so fast. I am luck to still get kisses and hugs from him but I know it will end for a few years or so. My daughter isn’t quite two months old yet, and I’ve already gotten used to the newborn stage, the first two weeks were hard but she always comes first when she needs a diaper change our to be fed. Meaning her needs come before mine, which is funny because sometimes I forget to eat. I do stay plenty hydrated though.

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    I totally agree with you . So done with newborns ! I’ll hold a friend’s but that’ll be good enough for me from now on out !

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    Wow, thanks for sharing. I happen to adore my babymoon. My kids grow so fast and gain skills so quickly that, at 2 months old now, I feel like I was robbed of my son’s newbornhood. But I can totally see how it would be scary and I’m glad to have the new perspective

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    You are not alone. The amount of anxiety I get just thinking of taking care of another newborn is enough to keep me from having more. I find the first few months sooooo hard, and I get sooooo anxious about feeding them, and breaking them, and not being able to stop the crying. I am a much happier momma when my babies hit 3 months.

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    I can see how many people feel pressured with a newborn, to the point that they can’t wait for the kid to get older! it does indeed require almost every bit of your attention to care for a newborn. however, i love newborns, and have literally cried several times this week since my son (baby #3) will be turning 1 this week. with each kid, the time has passed faster and faster. i’d seize every moment a bit longer if i could. not that i don’t enjoy watching my kids grow, but as I have a 10 year old also, i know firsthand what it’s like for your kid not to want a kiss, to go walking aorund the neighborhood without you, etc. when they’re newborns, they’re so close to you.

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