First Things First

IMG_0028You have so much to do. Your to-do list is long. Your day is short. The kids need something. You must hurry to get all this done!

First things first.

Are you happy in this moment? In this mindset of GO, GO, GO!?

I personally hate it. I feel overwhelmed. I feel like a failure and ultimately Jack feels left out and irritable.

I need to change my thinking. I need to stop. Sit down. Cuddle the baby. And remember that I only get one chance at this. Jack will only be this young once. I will not regret holding off on the tasks. I will regret missing these moments with him.

You are a good Mom when your tasks are done. You are good Mom when they aren’t. It’s not about what we accomplish. It’s about connecting with others, with nature, with the universe, with our loved ones.

You can’t do it all. But you can have it all. All the love that life has to offer. Open yourself to this love. And now pass it on to your baby.


About Abby Theuring

Abby Theuring
The Badass Breastfeeder is a mother, writer, social worker, attachment parent, proud breastfeeder and advocate. Her career as a social worker has shown her that gentle and connected parenting is vital for life-long emotional health. You can find her blog at and Facebook page at

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    I agree passionately with everything I have read that you have posted. Especially with your First thing First post. In 20 years when your children are grown you will look back on these days and you will not remember if there were dirty dishes in the sink or dust on the shelves. You will however remember your afternoons spent just living and playing with your baby. Everyday we lose those precious moments that will live on in our memories forever.

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