9 Signs That You Are a Second Child

I have been a second child for about a year now and something tells me that my first year of life has been very different from my older brother’s. I hear my mom talking to her mom friends and they all say the same thing, “I never would have let my first child do that.” Then they all giggle, “Yep! Totally a second child!” I’m onto them now! You’re know you’re a second child when…


1. You roll over for the first time and no one sees it because they are too busy explaining Halloween to your older brother.

2. You pop 3 teeth and mom doesn’t even notice.

3. You have free range of the food on the floor; even cat food. (Am I the only one that thinks that stuff is divine?)

4. Your mom asks you if the sand at the beach tastes good.

5. You’re wearing the same outfit that you slept in; and wore yesterday.

6. A stick at the park is perfectly acceptable chew toy.

7. Your own mother has you in her arms and still asks where you are.

8. You take all of your naps in a carrier on her chest so that she can chase your older brother around.

9. You get your lunch served to you on a tray on the floor.

10. As soon as you are finished nursing your mom pulls her top up and says, “come on, we’ve got things to do!”

By Exley, second child

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Abby Theuring
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    I read this with giggles. Very true. I’m much more relax, I let her roll on the floor in public space, eat more unusual things that babies don’t usually eat (like hard cracker), and more stuff, lol.
    My second child has way less photos compared to my first. And yeah, from the beginning, she learnt to share mommy with her elder brother.

  2. Avatar

    hahaha…#5 is soooo true! Except for my 3rd, sometimes I really feel bad! #10 is on point too!

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