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Breast Changes During Pregnancy

As a woman progresses through the various life stages of puberty, childbirth, and menopause, her body and her breasts go through many changes. Regardless of how she plans to feed her baby, her body will begin the process of preparing for lactation as soon as she becomes pregnant. Her breasts will continue to change all throughout the pregnancy in preparation for her infant’s first feeding. Here are some of the …

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On Breasts: A Guest Post by Badass Melody

The first time I realized my boobs bore some significance was in the fourth grade when my mother had me pick out my first white cotton training bra. I was terribly embarrassed while we checked out at JC Penney. I think I may have been in tears. Worst of all, it was a man who checked us out. I couldn’t even look …

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Large Breasted Women and Breastfeeding

Ask Anne… Question:  What is a good position to breastfeed a baby for a large breasted woman? My sister has been using the football hold, but at four weeks her daughter is getting harder to support in this position. Any other ideas? Answer: The mother with large breasts (DD or above) may find that she has to experiment a little …

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