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Does the Haakaa breast pump live up to the hype?

Ask Anne Question: I’ve heard all these wonderful things about the Haakaa pump that almost sound too good to be true. So does it really work? Answer: I like to keep current with what’s going in the breastfeeding and attachment parenting world, so I follow a lot of mommy groups on Facebook. Over the past few months, I kept seeing posts …

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Natural remedies for yeast infections while breastfeeding

Ask Anne… Question: My baby is three months old and is exclusively breastfed. Recently, I developed mastitis, and my doctor prescribed an antibiotic. Every time I’ve taken an antibiotic in the past, I’ve developed a vaginal yeast infection. I’d like to keep that from happening again, especially since I’ve read that I might get yeast on my nipples and my baby might get …

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Lump in Breast

Ask Anne… Question: I’m breastfeeding my two year old daughter and don’t plan to stop until she’s ready to wean. We both still enjoy nursing, and she is allergic to cow’s milk, which is another reason I want to continue breastfeeding. I’ve had a small, painless lump in my right breast for two months. During my yearly physical today, I asked my family …

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